This workshop is aimed at business leaders and marketeers who want to know how to make best use of their smartphone or tablet for creating commercial videos.

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Introductions and background knowledge
The pros and cons of Smartphones and when to use them
Preparation & Script
Choose Your Approach: Piece to camera (lens), Interview Style, Narrated slides, Q&A
Setting up the shot – what to consider & useful equipment:
Editing using Adobe Premiere Clip

-- Comfort & refreshments break

Workshop – Putting it all into Practice
Work in pairs & pick ‘interview’ or ’Q&A’
Prepare the questions and answers for a 1 minute clip
Shoot an opening scene – set the context
Shoot the interview / Q&A
Edit the footage using Adobe Premiere Clip
Show and Tell
Conclusions & wrap up

Venue: Enterprize Studios, 2A The Mansions, School Lane, Longton PR4 5EB

Prices: The course is £95 for the condensed 2.5 hour version or £120 for a full day with more practice at filming and editing included.

Contact us to book the course for your business on a date to suit you (minimum of 2 maximum of 6 people per course).