Increase the exposure of your venue / event with a Live Virtual Tour live-streamed out to the internet.

We can cater for:

  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Award ceremonies
  • Music venues
  • Theaters
  • Street / Pop-up events
  • Holiday destinations
  • Tourist areas
  • Businesses

Why Live stream?

Of course we all love to engage with our audiences face to face but there are many advantages to a live stream including:

  1. Increased exposure to a world-wide audience - The internet enables you to reach a worldwide audience and we can help you market the event to do just that!
  2. Increase the capacity of your venue - why limit ticket sales to your venue capacity when you can open up the event to a bigger audeince?
  3. Increase your sales - now you can have a ticketed event to a much wider audience and increase your sales
  4. Grow your video / social media marketing - Live events open up your video channel or social media page to a wider audience and with care you will be able to market to these additional people in the future and grow your online presence. 
  5. Audience participation - live chat facilities allow you to interact with your viewers and they can also help promote the event to others. Remembering to be social will really help your event to be a success.
  6. Record the event for posterity or for offline viewing - Why limit it to a livestream? Increase your exposure further by including video of the event off line. If it's a ticketed event we can edit the footage to show the highlights which you can use as a priomo for future events.
  7. Smartphones are very limited - A smartphone livestream doesn't take into account the need for sound quality and mixing, lighting, optical zoom into the action or the ability to mix camera angles so why risk your reputation when you have invested so much into other areas of your business / event?

What we do

We bring cameras, microphones, lighting, video mixers, computers and a live streaming unit and as long as you have a reliable internet connection we can stream your event to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo or even several at once.

Public or Private / Free or Chargeable

We can make your event public or private giving you the option to charge for your event should you wish.

Of course your event will be recorded so the event can be viewed offline, should you want that.

Planning and Rehearsals

A live event takes a bit of planning and ideally some rehearsals to ensure a confident, robust broadcast but that's the ideal and we can turn up and go where that's not possible.

Script Writing and Teleprompter

We will help you plan the event and talk you through the process of writing and using a script and a teleprompter should you want that.

Audience Engagement - Be Social!

A valuable element of a livestream is interacting with your audience and also encouraging them to like, subscribe and share the event and/or your venue/business with others and we can provide support and a computer to assist with this.

Next Steps

We can work to your budget and can offer an installment payment plan if needed.

We will need to know - date(s), time(s), event duration, location(s), how many people will be in front of camera, target audience, what social media / video channels you currently use and want to use for the event, any post-event editing requirements and who will manage social interaction. From this we can provide you with a detailed quote.

Please contact us today with no obligation to discuss your requirements.