VIRTUAL 360 TOURS TOP TIPSCreating a 360 virtual tour can be a great way to showcase a property, campus, event, or location to a wider audience. Not only does it allow people to explore and interact with the space in a more immersive way, but it can also be an effective tool for marketing and promotions. If you're interested in creating a 360 virtual tour, here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

teleprompter vs adlibSo you want to film yourself or one of your staff team perhaps and you know the topic and have a good idea of what to say - great! The question is do you adlib or do you take the time to script it and maybe use a teleprompter or even learn your lines?

Well let me tell you why, for most people, adlibbing is a bad idea.

business videoVideos are one of the most successful strategies in online marketing. Many studies have categorically proven that short punchy video clips produce amazing results in the growth of your business online. In fact nearly 80 percent of small business owners who had produced online video content said that they had noticed a positive tangible result for their business.

man and women in a video conferenceMan and a women in video conferenceSince the whole world is moving towards lockdown I thought I'd share my experience of managing and hosting video conferences.
Video conferencing can save time, money and bring people together from distant shores. Hours on the road attending face to face meetings can take it's toll and be very inefficient but with video conferencing you can do it all from the comfort of your office/living room chair.
Interestingly only 8% of communication is the words we speak so adding video can really help the process of effective commuication as people observe facial expressions and the mood of the room.
In my previous life I worked for an international organisation that regularly held meetings and live broadcasts of conferences online, mainly using Zoom.
The frustrations can be many if you don't get the technology right. Poor sound quality, poor lighting/video, poor camera angles, broadbrand dropouts to name a few and I'll tackle each of these and more.

headshotsBusiness head shots help to humanise your business and quickly communicate who you are. Take a while to consider how you want to appear in your image. Depending on your business, you might want to come across as being creative, friendly, formal, or trustworthy etc. Obviously, the focus for your headshot should be your face.   Everything else, including the background, lighting and clothing, should be kept simple to keep the attention on your face. 

writerSo many times we see videos that are lengthy and wordy. If you think of the massive investment in a movie to enthrall an audience and keep them captivated for a couple of hours - that's what you're up against! As a rough guide we suggest 30 - 40 seconds for social media (half a side of A4) and 2-4 minutes for Youtube & your website. We use analytics to measure when poeple click off a video and you would be amazed at how many cick off after 15-20 seconds.