We will work with you for 3, 6 or 12 months to produce two commercial videos and two vlogs (video blogs) per month. The campaign will start with a brain storming session to map out the campaign and book in the dates for filming (there will be two brainstorming sessions for the 12 month campaign).

Brainstorming Sessions will include 

  • Areas of the business you want to grow smartphone
  • Promoting your brand and message
  • Identify a list of topics & filming styles
  • Multiple staff / department options
  • Map out dates for filming

Filming sessions will include

  • Storyboarding
  • Writing a Script
  • Filming multiple angles for video promos.
  • Filming simple piece to camera for vlogs.
  • Promos will include logo, music, subtitles
    (optional), any stills or graphics needed,
    transitions and effects.
  • Vlogs will include logo and music if required.


3 Months: £870
(payable in 3 instalments of £290)*

6 Months: £1695
(payable in 6 instalments of £282.50)**

12 Months: £3420
(payable in 12 instalments of (£285)

* 6 month payment option of £150/month also available.
** 12 month payment option of £145/month also available.

Location: Filming can be on location or in our studio in Longton. Contact us now