business videoVideos are one of the most successful strategies in online marketing. Many studies have categorically proven that short punchy video clips produce amazing results in the growth of your business online. In fact nearly 80 percent of small business owners who had produced online video content said that they had noticed a positive tangible result for their business.

Why video?

So why are people so attracted to videos? What is it that makes them such a compelling marketing strategy?

Put succinctly, videos create trust. The element of trust is one that factors into any purchasing decision for a customer regardless of the product. Video marketing can prove invaluable to your brand as it is uniquely well suited to building this trust.

Where to start

Many people struggle to know where to begin with video marketing. The best idea is to start with your company's story., videos such as this will build the foundation of your brand's identity, voice and goals. People also like to know who they are buying from. A friendly and trustworthy person talking about their business direct to their customers is therefore far more likely to make sales than a faceless nonentity. Be sure not to simply list facts about your business though, your customers want a narrative and to be told how the business came about and the challenges it faced. These are the kind of things that will make your brand both memorable and relatable.

Should I use video for my Marketing?

Absolutely any business with an online presence can use video marketing. Tutorials or demonstrations of products being the most effective. Did you know that potential customers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a demonstration video? If customers can see your product or service in use that breeds trust in your brand.

After your initial video you might wonder what to do next. How about including information about your employees and customers? People would always rather buy from someone they know and videos such as this will really personalise your business making customers feel that they know you more intimately.

Other ideas for your videos could be industry related information and insights or even what your business does for the local community. Try to steer clear of pushy sales pitches in your videos. Topics of the types listed here will link to and inform your advertising messages so aggressive sales tactics are simply not necessary as part of your video marketing strategy.


If you can get a valued customer to do a video testimonial for your business this can be extremely effective. It should ideally begin by explaining the issue the customer faced. Next discuss how your business worked with them to fix this problem. To conclude the customer can share the results of the solution provided, what they value about your business and how your company differs from its competitors. A good customer testimonial must ultimately be earnest and not appear scripted. Your most valuable advocates are going to be the customers that you have the best relationships with.

The medium of video doesn't have to be one-way communication. Engaging and nteractive videos breed far more trust from customers than those that are circulated without any type of context or engagement. Encourage people to comment on your videos and be sure to reply to those comments. Interacting in this way will allow you to really gain an insight into the needs and views of your potential customers and then structure your services and marketing accordingly. You could even opt to answer any questions in video format for a really personal touch.

Continuing to share videos and interact with your audience in this way will ultimately make your customers more fond of your company. They will have positive memories associated with your business and most importantly, trust in your brand. This makes them much more likely to pass your details to friends and colleagues, creating even more leads and sales for your business.

How can we help?

If you are interested in using our video studio for your marketing videos, take a look at our page. Our studio has professional lighting and backdrops as well as a teleprompter, microphones, tripods and a digital recorder. In fact you will find that we are fully kitted out with everything that you need to create a professional video, perfect for any of your marketing requirements.

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